Well, tour was a lot of fun. We all got really sick but no one died. Not like the old days on the Oregon Trail where you could shit yourself to death.
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Well, I think the main problem with the journal is that most of the important info is posted on the news page. So check it out there. We will post no secrets here. Except that we're all programmable robots. Including you. If that doesn't blow your mind, we don't know what will.
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Allison called me a dork in class today.

So there I was, learning about the Mesopotamian Empire, when Allison told me that my new IOU sweatshirt was stupid and I was a dork. I was like, no way, you are and we both got detention. I think she thinks I think she thinks I like her.

In other news, Derek and I saw Alexander last night and it was really awesome, go see it! Ok that's mean, nevermind don't see it, it was one of the biggest wastes of 3 hours I've ever been a part of.

The new album goes well, everything is fine, Michigan is cold.
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Hello, this is John again. It appears as if I'm the only one who's posting these journal entries. Sorry for the lack of voices. I'm not sure why this is on our site, but Greg our website administrator put it on. Maybe we told him to. Anyways, I don't want to get too personal but here it goes; I am sad, then happy, then sad, then balanced. Sometimes I cry, but I'm not sure if is because of my sadness, happiness or balancedness.
As for the band, they are also melancholy.
Right now, we are finishing up details for the upcoming recording. We have been playing the songs at shows recently and the response seems to be good. It's great to finally be playing some new songs. It makes things a little more interesting. We will record in Boston from late Dec. into Jan. If anybody knows of any cheap places to rent in or near Boston for a month, let us know. Also, we will be out there for New Year's Eve, let us know what's fun and cheap to do.
Check out the band Lasalle. We played with them last Sunday at Mac's. I think they are the singer of Small Brown Bike, the singer of Charlevoix and a drummer who belonged to maybe some other organization. That is all for now.
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Shows, Europe, Shows

We had a very nice little run of hometown Michigan fun show time this past week. We started off with a show in Kalamazoo last Wednesday at the Rocketstar Cafe with Victory Gin and I Must Have who both rocked it. Friday night we played in Ann Arbor at the Blind Pig with Red Party, Killdrama and Bang! Bang!. Fun times of rock. Saturday night was in Flint at Flintfest. All the shows were great, and we even got to play some of the new songs. I think they went over pretty well, but no one knows them yet so it's hard to tell sometimes.
Our Europe tour is cancelled. This is the worst news ever besides when I heard that Christopher Reeves died from bed sores associated with quadrapalegia. I hope that I don't drown or die of bed sores. But I'd take drown over bedsores. Poor Superman. How the mighty have fallen. But I digress. We go not to Europe and are trying to scramble around and find other shows to play. Probably some in Michigan, and maybe even some elsewhere. We are trying to record earlier now, so it's all contingent on that as to what we're going to do with tours.
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U.P. Cabin Writing Fun Time

This is our first journal entry, how exciting! Well, we got back from the cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan about a week ago. We managed to write or finish writing most of the songs for the next album. I don't know what to say about them that's unbiased, so come to our shows this week and you'll be able to hear some of them yourselves.
The cabin we stayed in was great and the weather was perfect. We did some hiking, bridge building, crossbow shooting, bathed in a sauna, went to the hospital, fishing, eating, reading, writing, burning. Good times had by all.
I'm guessing we'll get in the studio in January to record most of the new songs.
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